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The Coromandel is home to fascinating and unique flora and fauna. Visitors to the region can encounter a variety of nature first hand, from Kauri Groves to seabirds.

Kauri Trees

Description: The mighty Kauri is one of New Zealand's most famous native trees. The square kauri tree is located on the Tapu coroglen road.  The tree is 1200 years old and is shaped with a square tree trunk.


Tip: Several hikes allow you to encounter these Kauri groves up close, including the Waiomu Kauri Grove Walk.

Sea Birds

Marine Life

Description: The beautiful Coromandel coast is home to a variety of unique sea creatures including fish, corals, starfish and shellfish.


Tip: Experience this incredible marine life by snorkelling at the Te Whanganui a Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve. 

Description: The Firth of Thames is a significant area in New Zealand for migratory sea birds and offers spectacular bird watching.


Tip: Visit the Shorebird Centre at Kauia to learn about bird migration from the northern hemisphere.

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